yoga nidraThe 7 Golden (tried & tested) rules which must be followed in the creation of an effective personal resolve/affirmation.

1) The resolve should be stated in a simple language and preferably contained within one sentence.  

2) It should be made in the first person by using “ I am……” I have…..” I create……” “ I feel……”  and form the first part of the sentence.

3) It must be structured in positive language. No mention of the negative state should be made; instead the positive desired outcome state must be affirmed.  For example, if you desire to attain recovery from a medical condition it should not be structured as “I am not sick” or “I’m over my illness” instead a positively stated desired outcome should be utilized such as “I have perfect health” Or “My physical body is in perfect health and balance” etc. No words such as: “not”, “don’t”, “won’t” or “can’t”, should be used. The statement should be joyous and positive in it’s essence.  

4) It must be structured in the present tense. Because the subconscious mind is timeless and operating in the moment all affirmations should be stated as if they have already come into being. In this way unlike for example the petitionery aspect and timeline of a prayer, we simple affirm that which is already here. Banish doubt from your mind. Understand that you are fully deserving of the outcome you seek.

5) Affirmations must involve you only. Do not wish change for any specific person. Do not wish for a specific person to change their mind, their condition or their life path to suit your desires. If you are wishing for a partner to manifest in your life, you can describe them but not anyone you know or know of specifically. The practice must respect the free will of all beings. The only exception to this rule is if you have been specifically requested by another individual to assist in creating change on their behalf.

6) When repeating the sankalpa during the practice one should involve all faculties of the imagination and invoke strong emotions to the experience affirmed. The difference is akin  to experiencing an object in 2 dimensions (such as a painting) and one in three dimensions such as a movie. Try to involve as many of the 5 senses that you are able in the process of visualization.  Strong emotions create a powerful binding mechanism within our subconscious which is why we rarely forget events in our lives which were emotionally charged.

7) Patience. Depending on the complexity of the request the manifestation may take linear time to come into full being. Practice yoga Nidra until the desired outcome is achieved.

All of this requires a leap of consciousness and faith to grasp. When faith becomes a knowing, that which we seek will be literally known to us. This is the magical aspect of the practice. The creation of a willed for condition. Knowing how this works is irrelevant compared to the knowing that it does work.

“Out of the endless possibilities in life, we only choose among those we believe we deserve”
Armand Sagredo


For those interested in more advanced training and explorations of the above please contact the author directly.